Flight School

Funds To Help Your Education Take Off

Flight school is essential if you want a career as a pilot in commercial aviation. But flight school students do not qualify for Federal student loans and other traditional loan programs. Since many flight training programs cost tens of thousands of dollars, financing this education is no small matter.

Student Loan Funds To Pay for Flight School

Unless you have been savings for flight school, you will have to find financial assistance somewhere. Fortunately some traditional student loan providers now offer professional ortrade school loans that are perfect for flight training school. For example:

  •  Sallie Mae offers the Career Training Loan, which provides the benefits traditional alternative student loan: funds up to the full cost of the flight school, non-degree seeking program, full-time or part-time participation, and flexible repayment terms. Details are at www.salliemae.com.

Flight School Financing 

Some of the larger flight schools are usually able to accommodate your financial needs These schools are large enough and lucrative enough to have developed key relationships with lenders who know flight school graduates are a good bet when it comes to student loan repayment.



  • ·Phoenix East Aviation (www.pea.com) provides accredited commercial flight training.  Phoenix offers loan programs from partner lenders like Sallie Mae and commercial banks like Wells Fargo and SunTrust.