Bartending School

Education Loans Remain Largely Elusive

Trade school, career loans and continuing education loans have become more and more common for a variety of professions, such as truck driving and welding. But bartending schools are still outside the realm of student loans. Here are your best bets for financing a bartending program.

Popular Ways to Pay for Bartending School: Payment Plans and Loans

You have a couple of options for financing your bartending education.

  • Tuition payment plans though your school
  • Private Loans

School Payment Plans

Many bartending schools offer a payment plan. You will have to undergo a credit check, but since a good bartending course costs between $250 and $1,000, you don’t have to have a high line of credit. Some school also offer incentive discounts when you register.

  • ABC Bartending Schools are located in many major cities, and they offer a payment plan. Their website is
  • ·Boston Bartenders School ( offers a discount if you register online.

Best Chance for Bartending Student Loans


  • The student loan lender Sallie Mae (SML) offers a Career Training Loan. This is a private, credit-based loan program that is specially designed to fill the gap where traditional student loans fail. Quite a number of culinary schools affiliate with SLM in order to offer this type of finance. If you locate a culinary school that offers sommelier or bartending programs and that is affiliated with Sallie Mae, you could have access to the Career Training Loan. For more information visit