ACS Student Loans

ACS Services Lenders 

ACS, Affiliated Computer Services, is a Fortune 500 company that provides essential education loan services to student loan lenders.  ACS student loan services include comprehensive and accessible student loan client services. ACS is not a direct student loan lending institution, but they serve a prominent role in student loan repayment services and account management because they have the technology and systems to handle vast amounts of data.  Thousands of graduates know ACS because the company is their loan servicing company and repayment interface.

Loans – The Most Popular Form of Student Funding 

For most college students, student loans, grants and scholarships make their education possible. For most of those students, student loans are the most important component of their college funding. The Federal government offers several loan products, and dozens of private financial services businesses also offer student loans.

 How ACS Assists Lenders

Billions of dollars in student loans are awarded every year.  Many lending institutions can no longer integrate the complex technological data systems required to handle such immense amounts of student loan account information, as well as manage the expectations of clients. This is where ACS comes into the picture.

Hundreds of student loan lending institutions employ ACS’ educational loan services. This means millions of student loan borrowers totaling nearly $100 billion in active student loans are managed by ACS.