Government Loans

Government Loans – An Essential Part of Funding Your Education

Almost 70 per cent of American college students borrow money to finance their education. What kind of loan you choose has a lot to do with how easy that loan is going to be to pay off, and whether it is going to have a positive or a negative influence on your future. Whether you take advantage of one of the Federal loan programs or whether your state has a loan that fits your needs, government loans should be the foundation of your college funding plan. Why?

  • Federal and state loans are available to virtually everyone, whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit.
  • The interest rates on government loans is excellent. In contrast, interest rates on private student loans can be very high and can come with exorbitant fees.
  • Government loans offer flexible repayment plans and easy loan consolidation terms.

This section is going to explain what you need to know about the different types of Federal loans and where you need to go to discover what student loans your state offers.