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High Need Fields Have Extra Funding

While all fields have some loan, grant or scholarship programs devoted to their students, some fields are chronically short of graduates. These fields are frequently the targets of specialized student loans.

Popular Student Loans for High Need Fields

The public sector in education, law, and healthcare is always short of qualified people. Many new graduates seek out jobs in private sectors because they pay much better. In addition, many of these public sector jobs may be located in very rural or urban districts and serve disadvantaged populations. These are challenging work environments.

One incentive to attract new professionals to these jobs has been the creation of custom package student loans with loan forgiveness or waiver agreements, giving students significant monetary incentives to work in high need facilities following graduation.

Loans for Nursing Students Address Growing Shortage

Nursing students may receive loan repayment or waivers when they agree to work in a medically underserved hospital or clinic for a certain amount of time following their graduation. Experienced nurses are being encouraged to pursue their Masters or PhDs in Nursing Education or Nursing Management, with tuition waivers attached in some instances for those willing to teach new nursing recruits.

Loans for Student Teachers

In impoverished urban or very rural schools students are graduating unprepared for college and work, or they are not graduating at all. Part of the solution lies in financial incentives focused on student teachers: agree to work in a disadvantaged public school system and your student loans may be forgiven or waived.

Loans for Medical Students

Doctors have particularly high debt when they graduate, so it is especially difficult to recruit them to underserved communities. Customized student loans for medical school students come from both public and private sources, and many states offer loan forgiveness programs if new doctors are willing to begin their practice in medically underserved facilities.

Law School Student Loans

Lawyers are needed in the public sector, but too few law school graduates choose this route. It is no wonder. They are facing astronomical loan repayment and a stressful first few years as the grunt labor in law practices everywhere. Some state governments recruit new lawyers with appealing state-based loan forgiveness programs. The lawyer agrees to practice law in a public capacity for a certain length of time and a proportionate amount of  the lawyer’s school debt may be forgiven or waived.

Loans for Students in Business and Technical Fields

The business and tech fields are particularly popular among non-traditional students, adults who go back to school.  Specialized loans are aimed at them. In addition student loans especially designed for MBA students and accounting students provide an array of options to students entering those fields.

There are Student Loans for IT Professionals

The Information Technology field is driven by a constantly changing swarm of specifications and protocols, software, hardware, programming languages, and network methodologies. Skilled IT technicians frequently require new skills to keep current in their jobs and in their professions. They must invest in IT certification courses, which can be costly. Fortunately there are funding options for IT professionals.